School has started unfortunately but at least I am running. I’m finally over the awkward phase of running. For a couple of days I felt complete uncoordinated when running and had no sense of pace what so ever. These past two days I’m starting to get back in the groove. My lungs feel great, but the legs are still coming around. My hamstrings have been pretty sore because during cross training I hadn’t been using them as much as I do in running.

Below is my log and then some links I have found interesting. A couple of them are training resources. There’s a lack of elite training info on the net so if you know of any good resources let me know.

8mi- 6mi at sub 6 (split 2:54 800 at 3mi), 7x10sec hill sprints (lft hamstring a little tight), 1.5mi c/d

8mi total of
7mi at 5:35 pace, easy jogging then 10x100m (2 easy, 1 good)

8mi total of
1.5mi w/up, 2.5mi LT (12:33) 2E, 1.5 LT (7:28), 1:30 E, .50mi (2:23), 1:30E, .25 (69 uphill), 1.5mi c/d

Some interesting links:
Great canadian athletics site with lots of good technical articles on all events in track. Also check out their interview section with some of the best minds we’ve seen in track.
USATF is FINALLY getting on the bandwagon of having coaching info on their website. It’s about time!! Anyways, there are some good presentations from the USATF coaching clinics up.

Elite 800/1500m runner Jen Toomey’s blog is a very good one. Some great perspectives on the runner’s life.

Other recent news:
This is the reason Congress is involved in the steroid issue now. I can’t imagine a dad giving his 12 year old son steroids… This steroid mess needs to be cleaned up.

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