This is conference week so it’ll be my first race of the 2008 track season. I’m excited to get the season started, but this is only the start of the season. Sometimes I tend to try too hard (if that’s possible) and pressing in my early races, instead of letting the racing come to me.

On another note, everyone should check out the interview with Tim Noakes on

Dr. Noakes is a very interesting guy to listen to. I can’t say that I agree with every little thing he says, but I love his work because he is always questioning the norm and thinking outside of the box. He doesn’t settle for the traditional viewpoint if it doesn’t make sense to him. Sure, he might swing and miss on an idea sometime, but he also breaks new theories much more so than any other running related physiologist. Anyways, the interview deals with his Central Governor theory. Some of the info is useful and you can see it being implemented by coaches. For example, in recent years distance runners/coaches have started paying more attention to the Central Nervous System. There is much more CNS work in runners schedules now than has been in the past. Most of this has been gleened from sprint coaches.

The dangerous thing about this is to know what sprint coaching ideas are “correct” and which are not. Sprints are just like distance running in that there are many many different ways and ideas on how to reach the top. It’s important to not just accept some drill or workout just because the person who did it was successful. Anyways, that’s another rant, so I’ll leave it at that.

The past week:

PM-15mi easy

AM-5mi easy
PM-9mi easy+ 12xstrides (2E, 1G)

AM-10mi of
2mi w/up, 8x High Intensity strength circuit- exercises at max intensity (2:40 up, w/ less than 4min recovery jog down) (20sec moderate, 20 butt kicks, 25sec moderate, 10 tuck jumps, 20 sec Easy, 10sec bounding, 20sec E, 20sec skipping, 20sec easy, 10sec sprint) uphill (green monster), 2.5mi c/d

AM-10mi hill circuit (67) +3x100m good strides

AM-6mi solid pace
PM-8 of 7.5mi solid pace w/ 10x100m (2E,1G). Ran with Pablo for part of it.

AM-6mi of
2+mi w/up, strides( w/ 1x50m near max, 1x hops into stride)
2 sets of 5×100 w/ 15sec rest, 5min rest b/t w/ some of it jogging, 2.5+mi c/d (1st set- standing start, indoor track-13.0,13.8, 14.1, 13.9, 14.0, 13.6 2nd set, – 13.1, 13.6, 13.9, 13.9, 13.8, 13.3)
PM-8 easy

AM-5mi decent pace
PM-8 of
2+mi w/up,
continous 2mi, 300 in 45, 2mi, 45300 in 44- (5:20,5:15,45, 5:12, 5:08, 44) 1.5mi c/d

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