It finally feels like I am in my normal training routine again. Earlier last week I had some achilles pain that was due to my orthotics being worn down. About every 1.5-2 years my orthotics wear down and I start to get pain on the inside of my left achilles. The solution is simple, wear new orthotics, but it takes my legs a couple of days to adjust to the new orthotics. During that adjustment period, running sucks. My feet blister a bit and my achilles hurts big time. So I have to cut back, adjust, a bit. I’m finally over that though and training is going well.

I’ll run a rust buster, conference, and maybe a last chance meet this indoor season. As always, the focus is on outdoor and things are looking good. This time of the year is always that of hope and optimism. Nothing beats it.

AM-5mi easy
PM- 2mi w/up, track workouts3x600 (66 pace down to 63 on last one)3×300 63 pace down to 603×500 66 pace down to 633×200 60 pace down to 57
~2min rest, lap jog between sets, last one on each set 3sec per 400m faster, VERY WINDY

ACTUAL splits:1:38.4, 1:37.2, 1:33.946.1, 46.4, 43.21:22.9, 1:20.1, 1:17.729.1, 28.4, 25.0

AM-5 easy
PM-9mi decent pace, plus strides

AM-4mi shakeout, achilles sore
PM-8mi of 1.5mi w/up, 2mi LT(~5min pace), 3min rest, 1.5mi (4:53 pace), 3R, 1mile (4:46), 2R, 800 (2:16), 1.5mi c/d

Good workout, windy! like always. Felt pretty comfortable in flats.

AM-4mi, achilles sore
PM-8-easy, achilles sore, 7.5mi +10x100m(2E,1G)

AM-5 easy
PM-6- 4mi steady, strides, plyos intro sprints, 4x100m sprints in flats (low 12s), 2mi c/d
First sprint workout back. Didn’t feel too comfortable. Straining too much. Done in flats so felt slow. But it needed to be done.

12mi w/ progression last mile or so (last mile in 5:04), achilles finally better, didn’t want to risk it by going further

8.5mi easy+10x100m (2E,1G)

AM-5mi easy
PM-7 UofH track
1.5mi w/up, 2x(5×300 w/ 200 jog) w/ 5min jog b/t sets, 2.5mi c/d,
average- 43.7 for whole workout, very windy (like always), 40.7 last rep, felt better as it went along.

AM-9mi easy
PM-5mi decent pace +10x100m (2E,1G) + plyos

Links of the week:
This week’s links both give us glimpses of successful runners training. It’s good to actually see how the training is put together instead of just hearing about the general ideas behind it.
Ritz’s coach Brad Hudson’s website. Check out the message boards as Brad is posting weeks of Ritz and James Carney’s training. Really interesting stuff. Obviously it’s very Canova influenced. Got to love coaches who are so open with their training.
Colorado assistant coach Jay Johnson’s website. Check out the clinics notes and videos. Some very interesting stuff. Also, there’s a full outdoor schedule of one of his athletes. Good stuff.

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