I spent most of the day watching the Clemens-McNamee battle royal that took place in Congress today. There are plenty of sports sites out there that break down the testinomy so I’ll keep this brief.

How stupid does Clemens think we are? McNamee gave three names. Two of which confessed and said he was correct. One of those, who happens to be Clemens “best friend” says Clemens took HGH. Clemens wife took HGH from Clemens trainer. Yet he wants us to believe that even though his wife took HGH and his best friend took HGH, his trainer gave HGH/steroids to players, and other teammates admitted to taking HGH. So under this whole culture of teammates, friends, wife, trainer, etc. Clemens NEVER even talked about HGH let alone take it……uh huh. and that bruise on his butt happened because of B-12 too…..right

Perhaps the saddest thing to see was the split down party lines. As someone who generally considers him a conservative, it dissapoints me how our congressmen acted, especially the Republican party. For the most part, they seemed as if Clemens was in their back pocket. I guess we know who Clemens gave autographs to in his tour of congress prior to this meeting. Makes me sad to be a republican.

Lastly, I was listening to the radio last weekend and the Houston Texans Strength coach was the host of the show. He made a comment that aerobic capacity does NOT increase if you do more than 45min of running per day. He went on about it for a minute, but WHAT?!?! Give me a break. I’ve gotten on the Texans before for their training manual in regards to running form, so this just furthers my questioning of their practices. Maybe that’s why they have so many injuries?

Anyways, training for the week:

AM-9mi easy
PM-5 decent pace (6:15ish down ditch) +10x100m (2E,1G) +plyos

AM-5 easy
PM-9.5 1.5mi w/up, 21min(5:00 mile split on outter loop) LT, 3E, 6 LT, 40sec E, 3 LT, 1mi easy, 4x10sec hill sprints, .75mi c/d

AM-5 easy
PM-8 easy +10x100m (2E,1G)

AM-5 easy
PM-9 2mi w/up at KC, track busy w/ soccer game, so went to burroughs, .75mi w/up, 4x strength endurance hill circuits, 1mi c/d

AM-14 ~66min at 10mi, easy, achilles a little sore from yesterday

AM-10 easy

AM-5 easy
PM-8mi of
2mi w/up, 4×500, 5min rest, 3×500, 4min rest, 3×500 w/ 30sec b/t reps, (1:22.4, 1:22.3, 1:21.2, 1:20.2…1:20.6, 1:22.2, 1:21.1…1:20.5, 1:21.1, 1:13.5 (31.8,28.6,13.1)) VERY WINDY, 2mi c/d, some jogging done in between sets

AM-9 easy
PM-5 at solid pace (~5:50s)+10x100m (2E,1G)

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