I’m finally here in Leuven. Normally I’d be pretty pumped and excited but really I’m just dead tired.
We left washington at 6pm and 7 hours later after a plane ride where I didn’t really catch much sleep, I was in Belgium, only it was 7am now.
We all made our way to the place we are staying (you can get an idea if you watch the flotrack video welcome to leuven as they are basically next door). The individual rooms are pretty small but no biggie.

Mo and I wanted to crash so bad but knew that the best way to adjust was to stay up all day and get adjusted as quickly as possible. But man we were tired! So we made a compromise and took a nap for about an hour on our mattresses w/ no sheets.

After the nap we’ve basically been keeping ourselves busy so that we don’t get tempted to fall asleep.

We took a walk into the town and its what u would imagine a european town to be like. Lots and lots of little cafes and the like, plus lots of little stores. After a bit of confusion on what were actually sheets we bought some bedding, then ate at a little local place and made our way to the grocery store where we ran into david krummenacker.

The grocery shopping was another mini adventure as u have no idea what the brands are and what is good or not. Choosing which Non refigerated milk to get was kind of weird. I mean whens the last time you’ve seen milk that wasn’t refigerated in the US.

So that’s it for now. We are about to go for a nice little run.

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