And so it begins…

Today I’m making the return to running, or at least going to test things out. It should be an interesting day. The HS kids also have their first supervised LT workout which is always fun. After 3 years of being in the system, the older athletes should have it down, but it’s always interesting to see what the new kids do. We do things a little differently on LT runs. First, there are no splits. Second, they are undercontrol and run entirely by feel. Third, the athletes are given a total amount of time they need to hit. Lastly, for longer ones, they are split up wherever the athlete likes. That means they get a short break somewhere in the middle of it. I always give a no throwing up speach before the first LT and inevitably someone always goes too hard and pukes.

A couple interviews I thought I’d post.

Flotrack interview:
This was done in Europe (at like 1-2am) with “the media”, David Williams.

Off the Track with John W. Davis interview:

This ones a little older (and longer) but I never posted it because I forgot too since I was racing and traveling a ton.


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