Timeout from our regularly scheduled programming to look at Usain Bolt’s 9.58. I promise I’ll get back to some of the questions on dynamic w/up, stretching, drills, etc. soon.

Looking at the Data:

10m splits:
Reaction- .146
start-10m- 1.74
10-20m- .99
20-30m- .90
30-40m- .86
50-60m- .82
60-70m- .81

Just some data to chew on. What is incredible is how fast his top end speed is and how long he holds it. His 10m splits show the typical sprint race. Accelerate up to max at about 70m, then minimize decelaration. What is amazing is how quickly he gets up to near max and how little he decelerates. He only slows down .02 to the finish, which is nuts.

If we compare it to past 10m splits. .81 is the fastest 10m split ever. Bolt split about .82 last year and before that the fastest split ever was .83 . Secondly, compared to Beijing Bolt’s start was much better. So, Bolts top end is much better and he holds it much better. Previously Carl Lewis was thought to be one of the top closers or best at holding it together and even he faltered more than bolt. In his 9.92 WR he reached a max of .83 but fell off to .88 by the end, that’s .05. Bolt only slowed .02.

Lastly, here’s some pretty cool data to look at:

The speed chart showing his speed at each time interval over the course of the race is rather interesting.
Now, I’m going to hold my views on the legitmacy of the run, just because you have to be skeptical all the time now unfortunately. But it’s pretty amazing when you break it down.

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