I don’t normally post links to interviews I do on this blog, as I like to reserve it for original content.  However, Mladen Jovanovic interviewed me for his site complementary training and Mladen did a great job asking some really hard, thought provoking questions.  We didn’t go over your standard running/training questions, but instead Mladen allowed me to delve deeper into some of the core issues of not only running, but coaching in general.

In the interview, we cover the volume vs. intensity debate, periodization, “zone”/physiology based training, strength training, and training at altitude versus heat.  But to me, what we were getting at was not what are the answers to these questions, but instead what is the mindset and how do we answer these questions.  To me, in answering the questions Mladen asked, it was more about shifting how we frame coaching.

Anyways, I thought I’d pass it along because some of you might find it interesting:

Interview on Complementary Training site


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