I’m starting a new segment on the blog that I’m really excited about. I’ll be having conversations with some of the top young coaches, exercise scientist, and generally smart people in our sport. One of the things I’ve loved about expanding my coaching/science network is the talks I’ve had with some smart people. Whether it’s at a meet, a conference, through email group exchanges, or over Skype, I’ve learned more from informal conversations than I could have imagined.

The goal is to take some of the conversations that we have at meets or on the phone and translate them into something that others can learn from. So instead of just me and Adam talking and not having that information go anywhere, I wanted to present that knowledge to a wider array of people.

So without further ado, here’s attempt #1 with my good friend Adam Didyk. Adam and I met for the first time at the 2013 World Championships when I was over there with the Australian team. Adam and I spent several weeks hanging out, coaching, and having some great conversations on coaching at the elite level. He’s a young coach who has already made a big impact on the sport in Australia. This year he had Jess Trengrove get 3rd at the Commonwealth Games marathon, and Madeline Heiner run a 9:34 steeplechase in her return to running after an almost 8 year layoff.

In this conversation we talk about specialization, junior athlete development, coaching at the Olympic level, the difference between the US and Australia and much more. I really enjoyed hearing Adam’s opinions on some of the more difficult to answer questions surrounding our sport now.

I hope you enjoy and would appreciate any feedback, as this is attempt #1 of hopefully more to come!

Evolution of Athlete conference:
Lastly, I’d like to let you guys know that you can watch me present at the Evolution of the Athlete conference in about a month. It’s an absolutely fantastic lineup of speakers if I say so myself. In particular, experts like Trent Stellingwerf, Shona Halson, and Mladen Jovanovic are worth the price. In fact, Trent is one such person who I frequently consult and he, Adam, and I had some nice conversations at the world championships. I’ll be talking about the latest in neuroscience, cognitive psych., fatigue, and how that effects endurance performance. Basically, some cutting edge ideas on where training might go. The price increases after September 26th, so I’d suggest signing up soon if you want to check things out.


Conversation with Adam Didyk

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