This week on the Magness & Marcus podcast, we take on the topic of strength training. It’s probably one of the hottest and most controversial topics in modern training theory. Mostly because it’s not our forte. In this episode we take on how you should lift, when you should lift, and what it actually does. Using examples from American Record Holder Alan Webb and backing it up with ideas on neural and endocrine system changes, we take you through how to think about strength training for a runner.

To keep things interesting, we bring up the fear of getting big, as well as discussing why mimicking running in the weight room is probably a mistake. Finally, we finish up with the importance of keeping the strength to it’s appropriate importance level (i.e. secondary to the running) and take on why doing some crazy looking and creative exercise where we stand on a bosu ball with one leg and move our arms in a running motion, just may not be the best way to transfer.

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Episode 3- Strength Training- Myths, misconceptions, and application for distance runners
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