Whether it is going from high school to college or from college to professional, we’ve all know stories of those who transitioned well and those who went through a rough patch. In this episode, Jon and I delve into these transitions. In our longest episode yet, we initially look at some of the roadblocks and obstacles that might prevent people from making that jump to the next level. From here, we dissect what people who successfully transition actually do and then look at how to apply these concepts to our own runners.

As the conversation progresses, we end with looking at the differences between the East African runners and the American’s in terms of mindset taken and how the mindset might make a bigger difference then any special “secret” like altitude, training, or diet.

Whether you’re a high school runner getting ready to make the jump to college, or an athlete wondering how to make that jump to the next level on the professional side, give this episode a listen as they’ll be something for you to take away.


As always, hope you enjoy and feedback is appreciated,

Steve & Jon

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