In this episode of the Magness & Marcus podcast, we take on the topic that no one likes to deal with: failure. In the world of running, we deal with a sport that has a hard line, either you ran faster than you ever have before or you didn’t. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to define yourself by reaching this set standard or not. We start off with defining what failure is in comparing a championship style race versus a time trial one. From here, we discuss how to handle failure. What should you do as a coach? Do you immediately address the “problem” or do you let an athlete digest it first? These topics and many more are discussed where we tie in a bit of science, a bit of experience, and plenty of lessons on how we’ve dealt with failure. Including a bit of talk on how High School phenoms should approach the transition to the college or professional level. Hear how I failed spectacularly as a HS phenom, what I learned from it, and how that failure shaped who I am as a person.

As we always do, we meander through a few other topics along the way and end up with an almost plea for coaches to see their job as a mentorship and not a business. It’s not about doing anything you can to score an extra point or say you coached athlete X to a fast time, instead your in the people business. It’s about interactions and relationships built.  Hopefully after listening to some of our stories it puts what we do as coaches into perspective and we all see that the results are secondary and will follow if you take care in the process.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast and feel free to hit us up on twitter if you have any comments or suggestions,

Jon & Steve

Resources mentioned in this Episode:

The Art of Work by Jeff Goins
The Sports Gene by David Epstein
A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan
MiddleMarch by George Elliott

The Plight of the Ego Coach

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