In this episode, we open the doors wide open. We’re talking about the realities of post collegiate running. We take on a slew of topics in this hour long conversation, including transparent conversation on contracts, agents, how much athletes actually make, what training groups and coaches do, and much more. Basically, we try to spread what Jon and I have learned in dealing in the post collegiate realm.
In this episode, which we’ll call a reality check, we start off with discussing how athletes are essentially starving artists. What this means is that for the vast majority of us, it’s about the process and dedication to this process and not the financial reward that is the motivator. As a post collegian, you need to be self aware enough to know your own potential, limitations, and goals and when to chase your dreams and when to step away.
Beyond knowing what it takes, Jon and I give our opinions on what makes a successful professional runner. From their mindset, to their approach to racing, we delve into what makes people last for the long haul. In this same vein, we go over the attitude that new post collegians need to adopt “having power 5 talent with a mid major mindset” and why many look for the wrong things right out of
college. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen in athletes coming out of college is in the “asking what you get” instead of asking what you can do. It’s about putting yourself in an environment where you can be successful, not necessarily chasing the environment that gives you the most money or prestige.
We end off talking about how to find this environment and how it’s different for each athlete. While this podcast is geared to a specific niche, we think that everyone will get some insight and knowledge from discussing a part of the sport that is seldom addressed. Consider this a glimpse of how to survive post collegiate running, or really any transition in life.
Steve & Jon

Steve & Jon

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