In Episode 19 of the Magness & Marcus show, we have a special guest in professional runner, Phoebe Wright. In an eye opening interview, Phoebe opens up about her running story. Starting off with what her mindset was going from walk-on to NCAA champion and how that mindset shifted once she reached the professional ranks.

Identifying it as having multiple Identity crisis’ in running, Phoebe talks about her strategy of “zooming in and zooming out” to handle the stress of running. By getting hyper focused, she can break stresses down into small but manageable bites, while using the opposite strategy of zooming out to see the big picture when faced with a different set of challenges.

Phoebe reflects on the struggles she experienced in transitioning from the college ranks to the professional side, calling the two levels a “totally different sport”, describing how she had to shift from a results orientated focus to a process orientated one in order to deal with the demands that professional running brought. When reflecting on advice for young professionals, she points out that the number one factor in achieving success on the professional level is attitude and environment. Unlike what most people assume, Phoebe puts “training” way down on the list and instead insists “Find the environment that completes you as a person,” or as Amy Poehler put it “Treat your career like a bad boyfriend.”

Before ending the podcast, Jon, Steve, and Phoebe discuss whether or not you have to live the “Runner/Spartan lifestyle” to make it on the professional level, or whether you can reach the highest levels with a degrees of balance.

For any athlete looking at transitioning to the next level, or for anyone who wants an inside look at the reality and struggles of running professionally, this interview is a must listen to!

Steve and Jon


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Resources mentioned in this episode:By Tina Fey

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Episode 19-Phoebe Wright on mindsets, struggles, and what it takes to run professionally
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