In this episode of the Magness and Marcus podcast, we take on the concept of outliers and averages. Research and coaching practices tend to focus on a select demographic, whether that’s the WEIRD (Western, educated, and from industrialized, rich, and democratic countries) research or coaches focusing on the practices of those who speak English and publish books and articles. This focus on select groups shapes how we see the research and coaching world and impacts the conclusions we can take from it. It’s the assumption we make, that these results/ideas will translate regardless of what group we work with, that gets us in trouble.

As always, we jump around a bit, focusing next on the idea of ingraining “being comfortable with being uncomfortable” as the key to running. Jon and I discuss the different ways to attack this, from trying to create mindfulness that translates into running workouts, to using outside stressors like ice baths to engender this mindset.

What we’re ultimately trying to do is ingrain your reaction to uncomfortableness. Where you go in your head in training is where you will go when times get tough in racing.


Steve and Jon


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