In Episode 23 of the Magness & Marcus show, we talk about the importance of accountability and ownership. When success or failure comes, how you frame these outcomes can change not only each individuals motivation to succeed, but also whether they learn from their mistakes, and surprisingly how well the entire team does. We delve through a number of different issues, from how you handle failure impacts your willingness to compete, to the “checking out syndrome” that occurs when athletes feel they are entitled to a race result simply because of the hard work they put in. Getting away from goal setting, Jon discusses why he has athletes develop Minimum Performance Expectations to try and create a standard of excellence to live up to, and not just some pie in the sky goal to attain on a perfect day.

Adding some science to the mix, we bring in research on how the least fit individual impacts the team the most, and that behaviors are contagious, just like your generic sickness is. In the end it’s about developing resilient, or Anti-Fragile, athletes and coaches who take responsibility for their performances and commit to learning from both success and failure.

Steve and Jon


Resources mentioned in this episode:
Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes
Connected: by Nicholas A. Christakis

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    1. Unknown on November 24, 2015 at 4:32 am


      The man you're referring to of that quote about "you are who you associate with," is from Will Smith.

      This was something I needed to hear & I know a lot of other people as well. Having this come from 2 of my greatest influences as a self coached athlete really touched home for me.

      Remember, everything in life is connected in every way shape and form.

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