In this episode, Jon and I are coming at you together from Houston, Texas. In a rare podcast where we are actually face to face, we discuss why we are horrible coaches. Yes, we’re giving the trolls what they want and discussing all of the times we screwed up, made mistakes, and generally talk about why you probably shouldn’t listen to us.

The point isn’t to create some sort of false modesty, but instead to take you through the mistakes we made and are still making and get coaches to understand that even though there are plenty of Guru’s who may claim otherwise,  no one really has the answers. It’s in the process of never ending learning and development that we grow as coaches.

This multi-part podcast, starts with us discussing the things that make us bad coaches. From Jon’s inconsistency and almost bi-polar approach to coaching to my own lack of organization and ADD-esque style, we discuss our short comings and how we are attempting to either embrace or work on those issues.

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Steve and Jon


Resources mentioned:
Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes

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