We’re back with a new podcast for 2016! This time we jump straight into what you guys have asked for, specifics on training. For this episode, we divert away from the bigger picture and discuss training for the 800.

We start with going through the different types of 800m runners and why it’s an event that demands such different training methodologies depending on the athletes strengths and weaknesses. From there, we discuss different ways to train the speed and endurance components and why distance coaches often struggle with understanding the power/nervous system requirements.

To end with, Jon gives specific examples on training from some of his best athletes including 2:00 800m runner Mckayla Fricker, and I give examples from Mark English (1:44) and Lea Wallace (2:00) to

Even if you’re not a track coach, we hope that this podcast gives you some ideas on how to train for an event that requires such a unique blend of aerobic/anaerobic and speed/power.

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Steve and Jon




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Episode 27- Training for the 800
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