The breakthrough is what we are all after. It’s what we spend months training for, visualizing, and dreaming about. But what’s the best way to get there, and how do we capitalize on it once we do. In this episode, Jon and I go through the psychology of a breakthrough.

We start with defining a breakthrough as being energized by a challenge, and then discussing how it is often ourself who holds us back. There’s a reason why we need to get out of our own way and how the search for the repeating ‘perfection’ can throw off our game.

In the end, it’s not all about the single one off breakthrough but instead about using a boost in performance to bring you to a new norm. It’s about cementing those adaptations and increase in performance so that it becomes repeatable. It’s why, contrary to our natural inclination, often, we don’t need to push training to a new level after a breakthrough, but instead back off.

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Steve and Jon



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    1. Steve Palladino on March 22, 2016 at 5:50 pm

      Breakthrough = realized potential
      Consolidation of a breakthrough = reset of apparent ceiling and basement.
      How to a) generate a breakthrough and b) consolidate a breakthrough = art of coaching. Thanks for your presentation.

    2. Unknown on April 5, 2016 at 8:10 pm

      Very concise response Steve – I'm particularly liking the definition of 'consolidation' as resetting the apparent ceiling. I had that happen to a small extent this weekend when I bettered my HM PB by almost a couple of minutes, basically meaning that I should now be aiming for sub 7:00/mile pace. That's the new reality but it takes a while to sink in.
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