In this episode, we’re coming to you in-person from Palo Alto, California. In the day after the Stanford Invite, Jon and I invite a special guest onto the podcast. Brad Stulberg is an expert in human performance. You might recognize his name from his regular work with Outside Magazine where he writes a regular column investigating great performers from a range of non-traditional sports. He is also the co-author of my upcoming book, which will look at how the greats achieve peak performance across a wide range of domains. An endurance athlete himself, Brad breaks down the lessons that we can learn from our brethren in Big Wave surfing and rock climbing, among other sports.

In this quick but information packed podcast, we cover a wide variety of topics ranging from how climbers learn what to pay attention to and what that means to runners to whether we should obsess over measurable metrics or not. We hope you enjoy this very free-flowing conversation on how to achieve mastery and excellence, regardless of the sport you are in.

You can follow Brad’s work great work on performance on twitter: @BStulberg

And finally, a special thanks to all of those who let us know they enjoyed the podcast at Stanford. The feedback (and simply letting us know you listen) helps us immensely and fires us up to keep putting these things out! (Photo credit: Marco Anzures)

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