Coming at you in-person from the Olympic Trials, we dish on the high pressure environment that is attempting to make the US Olympic team. Jon and I take a look at the 7/8 of the field that leaves disappointed and how we should pick up the pieces after a hard fought race.

The Olympic Trials is a meet like no other, it’s a finish top 3 or face the reality that 4+ years of work with this meet as the goal has not ended in a wonderful Cinderella story. We discuss what it’s like to be in that position, how hard it is to be consistently great, and how to step back and gain perspective. When we face the reality of missing a long term goal, we are given the opportunity to check our assumptions, and evaluate where we are at. It’s at these points where athletes can grow from failure if they take the right mindset and developing emotional control. The best athletes who consistently make finals, tend to have a high level of emotional control where they execute their race plans without letting that moment of doubt take over.

Our hope is that lessons from this episode can be transferred back to endeavors that might not be as pressure packed as trying to make the Olympic team, but carry similar demanding tasks where failure might be likely.

Steve and Jon




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Episode 35 – Emotional Control & Picking Up the Pieces- The Olympic Trials
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One thought on “Episode 35 – Emotional Control & Picking Up the Pieces- The Olympic Trials

  • July 9, 2016 at 2:18 am

    Actually, thank your sharing, it is very helpful for a runner as mine. Every week, i run at least 30 miles. sometimes, i am difficult to control my emotion. 🙁


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