In this episode, we have a special guest, the director of Track and Field at Georgetown, Mike Smith. In an in-person conversation at the Olympic Trials we discuss innovation within coaching. With the three of us having been in the collegiate and post-collegiate world we discuss the tendency for the NCAA system to lock coaches into a stale state where we get stuck utilizing certain patterns of training. We get locked into a 7 day cycle with Saturday races and the church of the Sunday long run. We start to become reactive coaches, seeing only as far as the next race this upcoming weekend.

Starting with the perils of the NCAA system and having to be ready for Cross-Country, Indoors, Outdoors, conference meets, Penn Relays, Stanford, and so forth, we then venture out into the world of coaching as a whole. This 50 minute sit down conversation is all about 3 coaches drinking coffee and asking if there is a better way. Consider this podcast an exploration on how we continue to innovate as coaches and put ourselves in position to, despite our constraints.

Steve and Jon


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