This week, we take on the big question of mastery, particularly in regards to coaching. Beginners tend to mimic. It’s ingrained in us; mimicry is the way we first learn how to make it in life, as we copy our parents when we are just toddlers. In coaching, this might mean copying the training plans of elites or borrowing workouts seen on a “workout wednesday” video. As we progress as coaches, we shift towards creating an overarching philosophy of coaching, rather than a simple copy and paste job. This journey towards a developed reasoning and understanding is mastery.

In this podcast, we start with our humble beginnings and the mistakes we made, and are still making. From here we shift on the skills we’ve had to develop including:learning how to coalesce information and then filter it. We take you through our thoughts on the journey towards Finally, we delve into the differences, both in experience and in research, seen between beginners and experts.

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Steve and Jon


Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Jiro Dreams of Sushi -Fantastic documentary about a sushi chef exhibiting mastery

Mastery by George Leonard

American Mania by Peter Whybrow

Finding Mastery Podcast by Michael Gervais



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Episode 42- Mimicry Vs. Mastery
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