The seasons done, the races have been run, and the outcomes are determined. Whether they were good or bad, we have to move forward. As a coach and athlete it’s about figuring out what lessons to learn, and how to re-energize yourself (and your team) for the next goal that awaits.

In this episode of the Magness & Marcus Podcast, we discuss what to do when the seasons over. It’s during this period of time when reflection on what went right or wrong, and what we can improve, should take place. We start with discussing the importance fo going back to your

We start with discussing the importance of the two P’s: Purpose and Perspective. By reminding athletes of their purpose for running, and giving them perspective to see the big picture and not get caught up in the wins or losses, we can better move forward. From here, we discuss how team dynamics shift and change with each turn of the season.

Finally, we conclude with the post-Olympic let down. While not everyone is gunning for the Olympics, the same phenomenon occurs at every level. There’s a lul at the end of the year, and it’s our job to re-ignite the spark, get athletes excited to prepare, and most of all, make it matter to them.

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Steve and Jon


Resources mentioned:
Meditations by Marcus Aurellius

MiddleMarch by George Elliott


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