Big concepts get thrown around a lot these days; Marginal Gains, 10,000 hours, the 80/20 rule, the 1% rule. Everyone has their own phrase or concept for helping take performance to the next level. In this episode of On Coaching, Jon and I take a look at two similar, but slightly different concepts. Using Ross Tucker’s take on marginal gains, and James Clears article on the One Percent Rule, we try to sort through the mess and make sense of the simple question: What actually matters?

In this episode, we dive into why we get in this conceptual mess and how having skin in the game matters so much.

We hope you enjoy,

Steve and Jon


Resources Mentioned:

The One Percent Rule by James Clear

Marginal Gains and Common Sense by Ross Tucker

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Episode 51-On Coaching- Marginal Gains, the One Percent Rule and big concepts
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2 thoughts on “Episode 51-On Coaching- Marginal Gains, the One Percent Rule and big concepts

  • April 7, 2017 at 4:37 am

    I love your content, always hits the nail on the head and cuts through the noise. You provide access for an average runner to top quality applicable knowledge and for that I am very grateful!


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