Should we be a generalist or a specialist?

Do we coach to the individual or the average?

Do we want to be a one-trick pony or a master of none?

In this episode of On Coaching, we take on these buzz words and the models they rely upon. We start with the basics, answering the question on when we should specialize. From there we follow our own advice and branch out, looking at how connection forms the basis of progression in training and in knowledge. Lastly, we finish up by making the case that as coaches, we are overspecialized in metabolism, and neglect everything else. (On the flip side, a sprint coach may be overspecialized in biomechanics, neglecting metabolism).

As is the norm for our show, we take a few tangents, diving into the stress response and how prior experience and mood states impact it. And even bring in a discussion on the art of Jackon Pollock.

This episode is chock full of book recommendations!

Books Mentioned:

The Neo Generalist

Strangers to Ourselves

The Razor’s Edge

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