In this episode of On Coaching, Jon and I discuss the often skewed coach-athlete dynamic. Traditionally, coaches have been the information purveyors, the power holders, distribtuing knowledg in a one way direction; Coach to athlete. When this dynamic remains, we lose an opportunity to learn. We get stuck in certain patterns; repeating the same types of workouts, training schedule, and coaching cues.

In this episode, we make the case that learning should be a two way street. By shifting our dynamic to being open to learn, our “problem athletes” or “head cases” become opportunities to learn. When we label athletes as “head cases” we cease looking for answers. Labelling athletes as “head cases” is a stop sign for learning. Why should we try to figure out why they are not performing, our mind has the answer; they are head cases.

As coaches, we should be ever evolving, trying to learn from each and every athlete so that next time we encounter someone who is similar, we are more likely to have a solution to the training puzzle. Learning comes from collected experience of problems that make us truly think.

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Books and Resources Mentioned:

The Upside of Stress by Kelly McGonigal

The Captain Class by Sam Walker

The footstrike patterns of the top men and women at the US Championships in the 10k.

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