In this episode of On Coaching with Magness & Marcus, we delve into a concept Jon calls “The Discernment Spectrum,” which is:


As we learn a subject or skill, we exist somewhere on this spectrum. Smart only exists in duality– right or wrong–so it represents a basic level of understanding. To be intelligent means we have a deeper understanding of a topic and that we have worked to acquire knowledge. But true understanding only comes through sophistication, which encompasses an ability to utilize wordly experience and interpret (or discern) complex issues.

Why does this framework matter? Our jobs as coaches is to be puzzle solvers. Each athlete comes to us with a different problem to unravel. The only way to figure out how to do so is to work towards a level of understanding that allows us to apply the knowledge to the problems at hand.

Throughout this podcast, Jon and I delve into this framework of understanding and how to solve the puzzles that are our athletes.

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The War of Art Montaigne: The Complete Essays

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