I’m thrilled to announce a new initiative called Coaching with Craft. We’ve brought together a group of professional coaches to answer one new question every week. We’ll explore topics ranging from our coaching philosophy to detailed training specifics. Our hope is that we can expand your (and our) coaching knowledge and we can explore the many different roads that lead to success. In coaches education, we are often left with the presenter’s opinion on the one way to do things “correctly.” Here, you’ll get to see different opinions from coaches across the globe, including myself and:

  • Jon Marcus, Coach of High Performance West.
  • Danny Mackey, Coach of the Brooks Beasts.
  • Adam Didyk, Coach of Team Tempo in Australia

Each coach is a good friend who is open to sharing everything they have learned and have coached athletes at the highest level. More importantly, they are deeply thoughtful coaches who  are dedicated to improving their craft.

This is part of our growing initiative to bring better information to you about coaching and running! In addition to our new Coaching with Craft weekly video series, we have the Magness & Marcus On Coaching Podcast, the Peak Performance Newsletter, and the High Performance West initiative. All free resources for YOU to get better.

Thank you for being a part of the community and please leave us comments or reach out on twitter to let us know what you think and how we can help you! Additionally, please leave potential questions in the comments section for us to answer!

If you want to stay up to date with Coaching with Craft please subscribe on youtube or subscribe to the newsletter below. Every week we will have a new question! If you find the content valuable, we’d  appreciate it if you shared it with your friends and fellow coaches.

Thank you!

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