In this episode, Jon and I delve into our coaching blunders with middle distance athletes. What mistakes did we make early on and what have we learned from them? Topics covered in this episode include

  • We dive into the misconceptions on speed and power development.
  • How we both messed up plyos when we first introduced them.
  • Why throwing “speed and fast stuff” at your miler is a typical panic move and doesn’t work.
  • Why we shouldn’t just “check the box” in training components.
  • How your world view (speed vs. endurance) tends to shape your training model and why we need to be cognizent of the other side.
  • The more models you have, the more options you have to apply them.

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Other Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Peter Weyand

Paul Spangler Presentation- Power and Its Importance in Running

Frank Horwill’s Training

Speed Reserve work by Gareth Sandford

Roger Bannister and Franz Stampfl’s 400m repeats

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Episode 62: Our Worst Coaching Blunders in Coaching Middle Distance
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