This week, we have a special guest, Lauren Fleshman. Lauren is a modern day polymath, excelling as a runner, activists, entrepreneurs, business owner, and of course, a coach. In this episode, we dive into Lauren’s coaching. We can’t thank Lauren enough for bringing a fresh perspective and valuable insight to the podcast. My notebook is filled with gems from this conversation. And more importantly, with actionable takeaways that I will utilize in my own coaching. Some of the notes include:

  • On the myth of the magic training schedule: “It’s not the program that was magical…it’s the program applied to me in that moment.” (20min into the conversation)
  • On giving feedback: “Tune into the athlete right in front of me, in this moment.” (26 minutes)
  • On the requirements of an athlete: “Show up, get the assignment, get it done, leave.” (34 minutes)
  • On the mental game: “Just because it’s in the mind, we don’t have to make it a huge deal…treat it like we would a strained hamstring.” (37 minutes)

Other topics covered include

  • How she navigated the transition from elite athlete to elite coach.
  • What was it like running for Vin Lannana, Mark Rowland, and Terrance Mahon?
  • How did she decide what lessons to keep and what to discard from the world-class coaches she trained under?
  • How the “believe in yourself” mentality is a cop out for the coach.
  • The mixture of Art, Science, and what Lauren calls “woo-woo.”
  • How to deal with an athlete who is struggling with pressure, expectations, and stress.

Resources mentioned during this episode:

Endure by Alex Hutchinson

Let Your Mind Run by Deena Kastor

Lauren’s website

PickyBars- Lauren’s Company



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