This week, we welcome a very special guest and good friend, Alan Webb. As many of you know, Alan is the fastest American miler to ever walk the planet. He’s run the fastest mile in the 21st century. To reach that level, he and his coach at the time, Scott Razcko, had to break new ground. They were explorers, trying to bring the U.S. out of a period of time when we had few runners capable of competing at the highest level. In this episode, we go through the detailed workouts, a full day in Alan’s training life, and much more. Have you ever wondered what it took? This is the episode for you. Topics covered:

  • Alan’s entire workout routine during easy days, hard workouts, and pre-race.
  • His warm-up routine, plyos, strength training, drills, and the use of “Acc’s”
  • How Alan fooled everyone into thinking he was fast.
  • 20x 400 meters, closing in 50.1- Hear Alan walk us through one of the craziest workouts of all-time.
  • Alan’s strength training routine.
  • Why Alan used drills, plyos, and a short workout (2×200, 2×150, 2×120) the day before his main workout.
  • “There should be a purpose for everything you do in training.”
  • “Remember, the best way to get better at running is to run.” Frank Gagliano’s advice to Alan
  • Why Alan trained with a master’s swimming group in 2004-2005.
  • “Respect the work.”- The importance of recovery, and what Alan would change.
  • “Hit it!”- How Alan ingrained the ability to surge, which he discusses in relation to his 2007 victory at the Reebok Grand Prix to defeat Bernard Lagat.


Resources mentioned during this episode:

Sub 4: Alan Webb and the Quest for the Fastest Mile

Video of the 2007 Reebok Grand Prix

The 3:46 mile American Record

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