If you’ve been a reader of this blog or a listener to the podcast for a while, you know that my passion lies in coaching and running. This blog began as a way to explore coaching at a deeper level. Over the past few months, my podcast co-host (Jon Marcus) and I have wracked our brain for how we can take that experience to another level. How can we push our own coaching knowledge and that of coaches around the globe to be better? We’ve been fortunate to participate in seminars and roundtables on coaching across the globe, and we wanted to figure out a way how to create that same experience for coaches who don’t have the ability to travel the globe learning about their craft.

To fill this need, we decided to create our own coaching development environment. We decided on two different programs:

1. The Scholar Program

Many runners and coaches have asked for more in-depth information. They’ve asked for personal mentorship. They want to know the training plans of our elite athletes, guides to training, recovery, and nutrition, or detailed thoughts on a trending training subject. To fill this void, we’ve created our Scholar program, which is our way of helping to take coaching mentorship to the online world. Our goal is to share as much information as possible, from the training our athletes are doing, to coaching concepts we’ve learned.  Consider it your insiders look at coaching. You’ll get many of the same pamphlets and guides that I send my professional runners. We invite you to join us on our coaching journey.

What do you get?

  • Twice Weekly HPW Scholar Newsletter with the latest insights, books, research articles, and tools related to the science, craft, and art of running and coaching.
  • In-depth articles on topics related to the Science & Art of coaching and running
  • Monthly Scholar Q & A’s sessions
  • Mini-Podcast episodes on specific coaching Xs & Os only available to HPW Scholars
  • Bonus Content from our podcasts. We keep the mic rolling for 20 minutes after each podcast to hear insight from our world class guests.
  • Comprehensive Training Excerpts of HPW ELITE athletes past and present
  • $15 discount to all HPW Workshops
  • 25% discount on all HPW products (books, soft goods, etc.)

Some recent items delivered include:

  • World Class 800m runners- Base Phase of Training
  • Q and A: Where Jon Marcus and I spend 30-minute answering your questions. Consider it a personal coaching lifeline and mentorship.
  • A 10-week 5k training plan with workout progressions included.
  • A 45-minute powerpoint presentation on Middle Distance Training
  • An in-depth look at how Sara Hall went from the marathon to top 20 at the World Cross-Country Champs in 2 weeks
  • A detailed analysis of Alan Webb’s training from his American Record Year.
  • A summer training guide for high school runners
  • much more!

The Cost: Monthly $29- Go here for more information

2. The Seminar Courses

This constitutes a 50-day immersive seminar on a specific topic. Jon and I have developed content to teach you everything we know about the topic. And if we don’t know something, we’ve brought in an expert. You’ll see Jon or me in front of a whiteboard breaking down workouts, powerpoint presentations on topics, audio interviews, written training guides, and much more. As one coach enroled said “I love it! It’s like college for coaching!”

Our first one began February 26th (You can still join now!) and is on track training (800-10k). To give you an example of the content so far, we’ve just started covering the following topics: The history of training (45 minute video), a breakdown of Arthur Lydiard and Bill Bowerman’s original training ideas, what in the world is Igloi training, how East-African runners have changed our training, and much more.

A syllabus of the program can be seen below

At the end of each seminar, we have online Q and A’s and problem-solving sessions, where we take some of the concepts learned and try to tackle real-life problems. It’s 50 days of jam-packed content.

Cost: $300

For More Information go here

We appreciate your continued support of everything that we do.

The podcast, this blog, the workouts of the day at HPW, will always be free. We pour a ton of time into those resources with the sole goal of making all of us better coaches and/or runners. What the HPW scholar and scholar seminar programs allow us to do is to perform a deep dive. It also allows for us to keep the podcast, blog, and much more free for all.

Thanks for helping us on our journey towards becoming better coaches.
Steve and Jon.

Scholar Supreme- 50-day seminar Syllabus:

Section 1: The History of Distance Running Training (Day 2 – Day 10) • Natural Selection of Endurance Training
o The battle between volume and intensity.
• The Influencers: The coaches who have shaped training
o A deep dive into Bowerman, Cerutty, Igloi, and others who have left their
mark on training

Section 2: The Recent Evolution of Training (Day 11 – Day 19)
• How have events changed?
o The distance might be the same, but how the events are run has shifted
from the days of Lydiard.
• What’s new in training and what’s on the horizon?

Section 3: The 10,000 foot view: Principles and Heuristics of Training (Day 20 –
Day 25)
• What actually matters? • Periodization & Planning: What can a coaches training plan look like in the
modern era?

Section 4: Zoomed In: The Art and Science of Writing Workouts (Day 26 – 34)

• The details: workout types and styles from 800m to 10,000m.
• How to progress event specific workouts from out-of-season to in-season to
Section 5: Troubleshooting (Day 35 – 41)
• The coaches decision tree — how do we solve problems. • When to throw away the plan and when to stick to it.
• Shooting from the Hip: Making adjustments on the fly.
Section 6: Are You Ready to Race? (Day 42 – 47)
• The difference between training to train and training to race.
• What are the psychological requirements for each distance? • Preparing athletes to go to battle.
Section 7: The Q and A (Day 48 – 50)
• Solving Problems: A discussion on issues that you have faced as a coach.
• Here, we will set up a live classroom chat, where we will go over the concepts
covered, but also want to discuss problems that you have faced as a coach. Our
goal is to not only offer you solutions, but to problem solve as a group.

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