This weeks episode is all about the long run! How far should it be for each event? Should it be slow or fast? Should you include pickups, surges, intervals, or other ‘stuff’ in it or not?

We break down the details of what is often called “the church of the Sunday long run.” In the episode, we take you through the historical use of the long run, tracing it from the early 1900’s to Lydiard’s popularization of it. Learn why Lydiard included a weekly hilly long run and why that may not apply in your training. Understand when to add “stuff” to enhance the quality of the run, and when to keep it nice and easy.

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Resources mentioned during this episode:

Arthur Lydiard

Bill Bowerman

High-Performance West- Scholar Program

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Episode 69- The Long Run: How far, how fast, and do you need it?
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