A silver medal at the world championships and a 30-year old athlete who makes theirfirst world team and then places in the top 8. In this episode of On Coaching we bring in friend and coach Danny Mackey. Danny is the coach for the Brooks Beasts and guided Drew Windle to a medal and Katie Mackey to a top finish. Danny gives us the inside information on Drew’s progression and what the difference was in taking Katie from just missing teams to racing at the world level.

There are a lot of gems in this podcast, including:

  • “There were no breakthroughs. We got better at getting better.”
  • “They trust me more than I trust myself…Drew told me ‘I came here to run for you.”
  • On tactics: “Experts anticipate instead of react to it.”
  • The key to tactics is being patient and not getting emotional.
  • On Danny’s job for Drew pre-race. “I wanted to make his world small…breathing in and out, the right mix of impulse control and aggression.”


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