What does it take to be great? What about just good? When it comes to performance, we all start near the bottom. Being “okay” or average, but then we make jumps along the way. How far up the ladder do we go and what allows us to make those jumps? In this episode of On Coaching, we explore the difference between average, good, and great. What are the different mindsets required, how much effort versus talent does it take? In this episode, we make the case that almost everyone can make it to good, and with a little talent, luck, and understanding, many of us can make it to great.

  • Effort is the key requirement to go from average to good. (5min)
  • Instant Gratification often prevents us from making the next leap (6min)
  • Lessons from the first American under 13 minutes for 5k, Bob Kennedy (11min)
  • The immediate versus cumulative effect (14min)
  • How writer Jonathan Franzen went all in on the process (25min)
  • We coach to change horizons (30min)
  • How it all comes down to choices in the moment and how we train them (35min)
  • The defining characteristic-Responding to Failure: An inside look at failure of one of Steve’s athletes and how he responded (41 minutes)


Resources Mentioned on this weeks episode:

Good to Great by Jim Collins

You can get really good without much talent. Peak Performance Newsletter

The Wisdom of Bob Kennedy. High Performance West

Jonathan Franzen Is Fine with All of It. New York Times

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