Are you taking the time to get to where you want to be? In today’s instant gratification world, we want to be great NOW! Not in a couple years, but as soon as possible. As we strive for the top of our field or our job, are we missing some crucial development pieces? In this weeks On Coaching Podcast we discuss the need to have the patience to commit to your process and development.

Topics covered include:

  • You can’t rush development!
  • Stop Skipping Steps!
  • The Cult of Importance (at 6min in podcast)
  • The Cycle of Development: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding (12min)
  • Treating the symptoms versus addressing the problem (14min)
  • The grass is always greener syndrome (17min)
  • The dangers of status seaking (35min)
  • Betting on your self (44min)
  • The difference between a goal and a purpose (52min)
  • Identifying those who are driven by long term development versus those craving short term success (53min)

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Importance of Observation

The Clean Slate Phenomenon

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