It’s time for a moment of reflection on the coaching profession. What are the things we are doing well? What can we improve on? What are some of the things we are doing now that we might look back upon in 30 years and wonder why we did that training?

Coaching is a process of evolution, keeping what seems to work, improving on that which doesn’t. In today’s episode, we look back to the past for clues on where we might be going wrong and what direction training is headed. Topics include:

  • Avoiding coaching to the numbers.
  • The pendulum of coaching that swings back and forth with every generation
  • Understanding that knowledge can be deep dives or superficial takes.
  • What if our coaching assumptions are wrong?
  • What if the principle underlying adaptation (i.e. supercompensation) is wrong? How does that change our training.
  • Why endurance sports are biased towards energy systems.
  • How do we know what works and to keep, and what to get rid of?

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