Lydiard, Daniels, Maffetone, Canova, Pfaff, Tellez. In the world of running, we tend to throw out names of well-known coaches and say that we train utilizing their method. Their model of training. But what often happens is that a coaches method gets simplified to the extreme. Lydiard becomes about 100 mile weeks. Daniels becomes about reps, VO2max, and LT. Maffetone becomes about slow easy runs. But programs are more complex than what they are known for.

In this episode, we explore the models of training that have stood the test of time. We delve into what their original training looked like, how it changed, and what stuck in our coaching education.

We cover a range of topics including:

  • Ernst Van Aaken and the pure endurance method
  • The Original Lydiard- We forgot about the hills and speed!
  • The Intensity vs. Volume debate
  • Designing Workouts for Physiology, Psychology, Biomechanics, or Fun!
  • Stephen Seiller’s work on endurance training.

Steve & Jon

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