In episode 100 of the On Coaching Podcast we bring on special guest Alan Bishop. Alan is the strength and conditioning coach for the University of Houston men’s basketball program. In this wide-ranging conversation, we tackle everything from nutrition to what a proper squat looks like to developing buy-in. We go from the physiological to the psychological and everything in between. A few of the topics and insights Alan brought to the table are:

  • “Knowledge not applied is wasted.” What’s your one big takeaway that will make your life better?
  • The best program in the world run poorly is pretty worthless.
  • Nutrition: How we’ve overcomplicated it and need to focus on actionable solutions
  • Why Alan uses tempo runs and jump rope in his basketball conditioning.
  • The importance of complementing what you’re doing out on the court, field, or track, in the weight room. Don’t take away from it.
  • Job searching: Know what motivates you and find the environment that gives you that.
  • Set your standard and never negotiate effort.
  • “If you want to be fired, be afraid to call out your best player.”
  • “When you are home. Be home.”
  • Never sacrifice movement quality.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Alan.

Steve & Jon

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