In episode 102 of the On Coaching Podcast we take on the never-ending argument over volume versus intensity of training. We go back into the history books to look at the poster children of high volume training and high-intensity training to try to get to the root of the argument. A few key takeaways include:

  • Everything bleeds together- Why energy system categories are overused.
  • Why every distance runner should run 100 meters all-out
  • “Check the box syndrome”- When we categorize training (i.e. Vo2max, lactate threshold, anaerobic power) we tend to cycle through workouts so that we can check them off as completed.
  • Are you building or maintaining a component? How much does it take to do either?
  • Can we develop speed and endurance at the same time?

Steve & Jon

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Episode 102: High Volume AND High Speed Training
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