In episode 103, we explore why training knowledge seems to come from the top down. We take our training cues from the top and then water down the training for our college, high school, and recreational athletes. Is that the right way to do it? We argue no. In this episode, we explore:

  • Why we can’t treat younger athletes like “short adults.”
  • You can’t skip steps! Understand what’s needed to set the stage for the next part of the athlete’s career.
  • Bringing Periodization to one’s career instead of just the season.
  • “What if the athlete won’t run in college or as a pro?” You are still setting the foundation! It might not be for elite performance, but it is for (hopefully) running for life.
  • How do you determine what to work on? What’s maxed out as an athlete? Where is there room for improvement, or a stimulus that he or she hasn’t done yet?
  • The key to developing athletes year after year is to look for holes in their training.

Steve & Jon

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