Adversity, challenge, tough times; all experiences that we proclaim sport teaches us how to manage. Well, now is the time to put that experience into action. While we’re talking specifically about dealing with the cancellations, shut-downs, and disruption of life caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), in this episode we want to explore how we can apply those lessons to handle adversity. We discuss:

  • The importance of embracing reality
  • The difference between preparation and panic
  • Understanding the demands of the challenge that we’re faced with.
  • How to decide what kind information is good or bad.
  • Using a model including: Science, Theory, Practice, and History to guide decision making.

We are not experts on a virus, but we hope to bring some reality to the situation and explain how to use your skills that you’ve developed as a coach and athlete to manage difficult situations that disrupt our life.

Steve & Jon

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