In episode 106, we bring on author Ben Cohen to have a discussion on streaks, the role of science and expertise in decision making, and our propensity to see patterns where they may not exist. His new book, The Hot Hand, is a fantastic read. We hope you enjoy the discussion, as it’s filled with insight that will help your coaching, including:

  • The lessons from a farmer on how to perform when uncertainty is high and control is low: Play defense. Remember the long game. Control what you can control. Prepare for the worst and hope for anything remotely better. Always stick to principles over patterns.
  • Is having an outsider’s view beneficial to your team or thinking?
  • The role of control and circumstance in performance.
  • How to weigh experience when making decisions?
  • The battle of science versus practitioners. How do we value each?
  • The way science should work- “The capacity for discomfort is the mark of an honest scientist.”
  • And what role does the hot hand play in running and can we engineer it?

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Steve & Jon

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Episode 106: The Hot Hand and The Science of Streaks: A Discussion with Ben Cohen
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