Are you serious, committed, willing to put in all the work? If so, you’re a coaches dream. But your commitment can hold you back if it comes from the wrong place. In episode 109, we discuss the difference between being serious and obsessive about your craft and how that impacts your long term development. Topics covered include:

  • Serious = sustainable and caring
  • Obsessive = Driven by fear, angst. Almost like an addiction
  • Being secure vs. insecure in who you are and your confidence in your abilities often determines what route you go.
  • The role enjoyment plays in development as an athlete.
  • How do we cultivate athletes who are serious and committed, but have the self-awareness to step back when they are headed towards obsession?
  • The interplay between hard and easy training. And why recovery training is vital to “fill your bucket” back up.

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Steve & Jon

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