The NCAA and college sports are in disarray. Facing a mass pandemic, postponement and cancelation of fall sports, and a growing understanding by the athletes the leverage that they have. With many of us wondering what in the world is the future of college sports, this week we brough on an expert, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. to discuss it all. Dr. Pielke is a professor at the University of Colorado where he founded the Sports Governance Center. Roger’s expertise and interests are far and wide. And in this episode, we cover:

1) How we got to this point in NCAA sports. How the history of amateurism led us to a broken system.

2) What the current moment signals for NCAA sports. A pandemic, season cancelations, and a movement to pay players.

3) Possible sustainable paths forward for collegiate athletics. What does college sport look like in the next 5-10 years? Is there a sustainable model?

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